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Amethyst Healing Crystals Anxiety bracelet

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These days life can be hard and overwhelming. This Amethyst healing crystal bracelet uses a combination of healing crystals that provide you with compassion, serenity and a calming of your brain.

✨ Feel the love and tranquility wearing Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals. The lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace.

✨ Amethyst is a protective stone that is extremely beneficial to calming the mind. Amethyst is also a wonderful stone to induce tranquility and contentment while it also works on soothing any form of negative emotion that is being held onto.

✨ Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system. 

✨ Aquamarine are beautiful crystals with an energy that heightens courage, reduces stress and quiets the mind. 

✨ With crystal Quartz there is no better crystal for manifestation. Crystal quartz will also enhance the healing energy of any healing stones around it.


Crystal healing guidance is not meant to replace medicine. If you have health issues you should consult with a Doctor. Crystal information is only meant as an addition to your health and wellbeing.



DO NOT immerse in water. Gently roll your bracelet on and off your wrist to preserve the integrity of the elastic. You may gently buff the crystals with a jewelry cloth.

All of my jewelry is made with natural stones, therefore, each stone is a little different and special, just like you! There will be minor differences in each crystal, some may be lighter or darker or you may see some small imperfections, this is all perfectly natural.



To determine what size you need, measure your wrist and add 1/2 inch. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and then lay against a ruler.


Customer Reviews

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Tasha Considine
Janice is the best! She worked with me on...

Janice is the best! She worked with me on making a change to an item and making it my own. Even though I didn't receive it in time for Christmas (no fault of hers) she send me an email to present to my recipient with a note and a picture of the bracelet. When I received it the next day I was in awe. It was absolutely beautiful! So much prettier in person. It was carefully wrapped and packed in a separate pouch. Definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to get one for myself.

Kiarra Boehm
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Paul Kuphal
Thank you so much for an amazing product a...

Thank you so much for an amazing product and an amazing company.

Eileen Schinner
Love bracelet and working with Jan.

Love bracelet and working with Jan.

Bea Wilderman
Just cant get enough of Janice's bracelet....

Just cant get enough of Janice's bracelet. Very well made and the crystals are gorgeous.