How to Cleanse your Healing Crystals

How to Cleanse your Healing Crystals

Have you ever been somewhere and you just got a bad vibe? You just want to get away and get ‘clean’. Healing Crystals are comprised of energy so they will absorb what is around them the same way we do. They filter all the negative energy and transform it to positive energy. Therefore, we must cleanse them regularly to get rid of all the negative energy so our crystals can continue to be effective.

  •  Always put your jewelry on last after using hairspray, perfume, etc. as the corrosive chemicals will harm the beads
  • NEVER immerse in water as it will compromise the elastic in bracelets and the thread used in the mala necklaces
  • If necessary, clean with a damp cloth
  • Use a jewelry cloth to buff the crystals and polish sterling silver spacers
  • DO NOT store in direct sunlight

Cleanse and Charge your crystals!

Crystals will often travel long distances to get from me to you and although I cleanse all my jewelry with sage & rose petal smudge, it is a good idea to re-charge when you receive them.  

This will ensure the crystal energy is aligned to exactly what you need.

Regularly re-charging your crystals is the only way to restore them to their natural state.

There are a number of ways to charge your crystals, but here a a couple that will work for crystal jewelry.


Ideally, wait for a full moon, then set your jewelry in a window that will receive the light.  Ensure you move your jewelry before 10 am.

This allows the stones to receive both the moonlight and sunlight but not expose the crystals to prolonged direct sunlight as that may weather the stones surface.


Sage is a sacred plant with many healing properties.  It is said that smudging will clear any inharmonious vibrations and restore the crystal's natural energy.

Place your jewelry in a bowl, light the sage bundle and envelope the jewelry in the smoke for about 30 seconds.  

You can purchase sage bundles at any crystal or specialty shop.  I personally use a sage/rose petal combination and it smells wonderful.