Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz - The LOVE Stone

Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra.¬† It teaches us the true essence of love.ūüíĖ¬†¬†Sometimes called the Heart Stone, it has been used as tokens of love from as early as 600 BC.

Rose Quartz Associations
Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Taurus, Libra
Numerical Vibration - 7
Element - Earth, Water
Planet - Venus


Rose Quartz Crystals


If you want to attract love, look no further than romantic Rose Quartz.  Placed beside your bed or in another romantic location of your home, it is so effective at drawing love & harmony toward you that you may need Amethyst to calm things down!


Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz opens your heart so that you become more receptive.  If you have loved and lost, it comforts your grief.  It is a mothering crystal, inspiring nurturing of yourself and others.  If you have never received love, it will help open your heart so you become receptive.  You cannot accept love from others until you love yourself! 

Physical Healing

Rose Quartz stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system.  It can help heal the kidneys and adrenals, and placed on the thymus aids chest and lung problems, relieving coughs and soothing bronchial areas. It can be helpful with Alzheimers, Parkinson's and Dementia.
Chakra Healing

The Heart Chakra is located near the center of the breastbone and regulates our interaction with the outside world as it controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the universe, and helps us in understanding our own needs and emotions clearly. We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships and accept the changes.


Rose Quartz also balance the yin and yang (positive/negative) and can bring all the other chakras into harmony with the Heart. Rose Quartz gently stimulates the Root Chakra to help rejuvenate the physical body.

Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra controls the energy for feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. When it is in balance, the physical body gains strength and spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power.

Wow!  So much power.  Finally, remember that Rose Quartz can help encourage the dissolution of anger and resentment, fear and suspicion, and brings the Light of healing, the rebirth of hope and faith in the Universe.  

Perfect for what we are experiencing in todays World!

Rose Quartz Bracelet


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